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Geography Lead- Catherine Burnitt

Geography is about understanding the world we live in. Itdraws on its vast range of core geographical vocabulary to identify and name places, the features within them and the human and physical processes at work there. Such core knowledge provides the building blocks for deeper explanation and understanding; providing entry points to geographical conversations about the world. Our threshold concepts are woven into each unit content.

Geography is more than just concepts and core knowledge. Places are dynamic and often space is perceived, used and contested by people in many different ways. Geography seeks to understand how different views, values and perspectives influence and affect places and environments. It helps explain why places are changing, how they are interconnected and why patterns of inequality exist on a local and global scale. 

Geography deals with the ‘here and now’ of real life and, as such, is a vital ‘living’ subject that contributes to, and enhances, the wider curriculum. Although geography can be taught alone, it offers meaningful contexts for high quality, cross curricular work. It helps to provoke and provide answers to questions about the natural and human aspects of our world.  

Where possible, geography is linked to other curricular areas, allowing children to see the relevance of experiences in their own life and the world around them. Teachers are supported by our curriculum to deliver lessons with specific lines of enquiry, whilst providing contexts that are meaningful and relevant to the children. Teachers cover the knowledge and skills required for each year group as outlined in the National Curriculum and plan for progression in geographical thinking. 

Geography lessons are interactive and promote collaborative learning between pupils. Direct teaching takes place when introducing new knowledge and skills and pupils are given independent learning opportunities to practice and apply their learning. Prior learning is revisited systematically. Our whole school ‘Explore’ plan provides opportunities for pupils to carryout fieldwork off site and experience settings they are learning about.

Teaching is inclusive, and adaptations are made to ensure that all children can access the learning.  

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