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I Can Week

‘I Can’ is an extremely popular and exciting annual event at Stanley Grove Primary Academy. It is week of activities based around raising pupil’s aspirations, setting challenges and helping pupils discover unexplored talents and interests. It provides our pupils with the opportunity to extend their usual everyday experiences.

For ‘I Can Week’ we design an experience crammed timetable across the entire school. Pupils in year 3 and above have the opportunity to select and area of interest to explore and specialise in for the week. They can choose to be either a Carer, Creative, Leader or Scientist. Our younger pupils are timetabled to explore one of these areas a day over the week. Many pupils spend the week away from their usual friendship and year groups as they are organised by interest rather than age. Teachers and support staff become facilitators for the week and get to showcase some of their interests and talents as well.

The Carers, Creatives, Leaders and Scientists have a fun packed timetable including trips, practical sessions and lots of inspirational guests. Our guests in previous I Can Weeks have included:

Circus performers, an immunologist, doctors, a BMX champion, dentists, scientists (including a specialist in Amazonian Tree Frogs!), a film maker, charity workers, firefighters, Peanut the guide dog, artists, actors, a spoken word poet, an Olympian, musicians, an astrophysicist, belly dancers, an audiologist, a tarantula spider, a 14-year-old bee keeper and Afzal Khan MP.

We encourage our pupils to have an ‘I Can Attitude’ by helping them try new things and to make the best of opportunities as they arise.

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