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The history curriculum at Stanley Grove Primary Academy is based on a coherent understanding of the history of Britain and the wider world. By studying history, we teach our children to think critically, justify using evidence and to thoroughly consider both sides of an issue before making a decision. Teaching history ensures our children understand the complexities of people, societies and change, thus enabling them to understand their identity within society, providing models of good and responsible citizenship; right and wrong, morals and ethics. History’s true value lies in how we apply lessons from the past to our present and future, ensuring our children do not accept things with passivity.

The above threshold concepts are woven into every unit. Our history curriculum:

  • Fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum.
  • Provides a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum.
  • Ensures the progressive development of historical concepts, knowledge and skills, through the milestones
  • Teaches pupils about historical figures that promote diversity and racial inclusion
  • Promotes the love for being historians by ensuring all the children can access the lessons

We plan trips and visits to local areas where children can experience learning history through active participation of different activities that are meaningful to the children. Children are encouraged to use challenging vocabulary in both their recording and verbal explanations of the events they are learning in history. Events from the past are placed on timelines, and children are encouraged to make comparisons and talk about which event they feel has made the most impact to the world both then and now. Teachers are supported and provided with the correct subject knowledge and resources to ensure history meets the high expectations we have at Stanley Grove.

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