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Personal Development

PD Lead: Karen Richardson   

At Stanley Grove Primary Academy we provide a specifically tailored curriculum that is both broad, balanced and meets the unique context of our school. We give pupils opportunities to develop their talents and interests through clubs, trips and other enrichment opportunities. Both through the delivery of our curriculum and our enrichment offer, we develop respect and understanding of the universal rights of the child, as presented in the UNCRC.

The Personal, Social and Emotional Health (PSHE) curriculum is based on the frameworks of the National Curriculum, Manchester Healthy Schools, and the PSHE Association, with more detailed long and medium-term planning developed by the subject leadership team. Our curriculum is unique to our setting. It has also been developed to meet the specific needs of our learners, their communities and supports all aspects of their personal development.

The PSHE curriculum is split into the three key themes of Health and WellbeingRelationships and Living in the Wider World. These three themes have equal weighting and importance within teaching, and topics are taught on a rolling, spiral basis. Topics are revisited across year groups, and understanding is deepened. This allows for progression and retention of key skills and knowledge, and the introduction of concepts at an age-appropriate point. This progression is detailed in the PSHE curriculum map. Like other foundation subjects, the Personal Development curriculum has threshold concepts, which repeat throughout units and key stages.

PSHE education will be provided to all children within our school. Children with SEND will be supported to access health, relationships, and sex education through high-quality teaching, following the guidance of the SEND code of practice. Teaching will be personalised to suit their individual context. 

PSHE education will be taught weekly as a discrete subject. Some content is taught through other subject areas, and within other contexts, such as assemblies and circle time. A taught session may look very different in one year group to the next – class teachers have discretion to plan and deliver teaching that suits the individual needs of their class, whilst ensuring that all curriculum content is covered.

Assessment is essential to the effective teaching of PSHE. Staff will assess throughout each unit using key questions/core knowledge. Pupils’ thoughts and feedback are valued, and they are encouraged to use their voices to inform the plan-teach-assess cycle.

Stanley Grove Primary Academy works closely with parents and carers, and we believe strongly in the central role of strong, positive home-school communication.


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