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Spanish Lead – Fielding Glassford 

The Spanish curriculum has been created to emphasise communication, speaking and listening skills and ensures a good coverage of skills by incorporating the milestones in the Essentials Curriculum. The key aims of the curriculum as supported by The Essentials Curriculum milestones are:   

• The confidence to speak with good intonation and pronunciation.   

• Fluency in reading.   

• Fluency and imagination in writing.   

• A strong awareness of the culture of the countries where the language is spoken.   

• A passion for languages and a commitment to the subject.   

• The ability to use language creatively and spontaneously.   

• An independence in their studies and the ability to draw upon a wide range of resources.   

Most resources in lessons are bespoke however, resources from Linguascope, the La Jolie Ronde comprehensive scheme of work in Spanish for years 3-6 and La Jolie Ronde Little Languages for years R-2 are also used and referred to. Where possible, Spanish units support skills learned in other subjects to create links.  

The long-term plan for Spanish explains the unit topic, special reading texts and key vocabulary covered for each year group across the year and gives a basic illustration of the progression of skills. Each medium term plan gives details of how the Spanish unit is taught. A paper copy of all medium term plans and a master copy of all resources can be found at the subject leaders desk in the Computer room in labelled files for each term. 

There are opportunities throughout the year for children to use their Spanish speaking skills in as many real-life situations as possible to give them confidence in both their Spanish skills and in their general conversation and speaking ability. Speaking and listening activities are designed to be fun and exciting.   

Where possible, teachers are invited to include Spanish in daily routines, such as using common phrases and greetings. Some examples include: Hola – Hello, Buenos dias – Good morning, Buenas tardes – Good afternoon, Por favour – Please, Gracias – Thank you, You’re welcome – De nada. 

Lessons focussed on the geography and culture of Spanish speaking countries as well as high quality original language Spanish books, bilingual books and songs build engagement in the subject. Original Spanish texts are supplemented by well-known songs and stories in translation. These books can be borrowed from the subject lead on request and are located in the Computer Room. 

Spanish lessons include:   

  • Opportunities for reading, writing, speaking and listening in each lesson for Years 3-6. Reading and writing in most lessons in year 1 and 2 and speaking and listening in all lessons from Reception onwards.   
  • Knowledge of grammar and correct usage of Spanish/English dictionaries will be developed throughout, with an aim for accuracy from Year 3-6.   
  • Regular activities for children to use their speaking skills in a naturalistic conversation.   
  • Games and activities that promote confident oration.   
  • Emphasis on developing vocabulary and accurate Spanish pronunciation.   
  • Periodic opportunities to present to a class or in assembly to showcase conversation skills.   
  • Periodic opportunities to learn about the culture of Spanish speaking countries.   
  • Performance/ Experiential events which give children a chance to use and speak Spanish in exciting simulations or real-life situations.   
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