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Physical Education (PE)

PE Lead: Kim Chambers  

External PE Provider: Dream Big Sports

Physical Education is part of the school curriculum used to provide opportunities for all pupils to become more physically able and to support their health and fitness. PE provides opportunities for children to take part in competitive and non-competitive games which develops teamwork, leadership skills as well as speaking and listening.   

The aim of PE is to educate our children on how to lead a healthy and active life, engage in physical activity for a sustained period of time and to develop competence in a broad range of physical activities.   As with all our other Foundation Subjects, PE has a threshold concept, that is revisited throughout all key stages and units.

The curriculum content (breadth) is drawn from ‘Primary PE Planning‘ ensuring a clear progression of skills within and across year groups. Staff have access to progressive core knowledge and core vocabulary which supports in the planning of consistent, challenging and well adapted lessons.

Children are given clear learning goals and expectations with a focus on development of skills before applying these skills in small sided games and competitions. Children are encouraged to work collaboratively with their peers developing communication and teamwork in a range of activities.

In EYFS the main areas taught are:  

  • Fundamental Movement Skills  
  • Dance  
  • Gymnastics  
  • Exploration of Equipment

In KS1 the main areas taught are:  

  • Fundamental Movement Skills  
  • Dance  
  • Gymnastics  
  • Net and Wall Skills
  • Striking and Fielding Skills
  • Invasion Games Skills
  • Athletics

In KS2 the main areas taught are:

  • Invasion games  
  • Striking and fielding  
  • Net and wall  
  • Dance  
  • Gymnastics  
  • Athletics  
  • Swimming
  • OAA (Outdoor Adventurous Activities)  

Children engage in two PE lessons each week,  one lesson taught by our Dream Big Sports coach, Ryan Shenton, and the second lesson taught by the class teacher. We also use some of our Sports Premium funding to pay for extra dance lessons and across the year each class teacher accesses six half a day CPD session, both delivered by Dream Big Sports.   

Lessons follow the same structure:

  1. Warm up – a short game which introduces the core knowledge.  
  2. Skill Based Learning – 1 or more structured activities to develop the core knowledge.  
  3. Game based learning – a game which embeds the core knowledge.   
  4. Conclusion – time for the children to reflect on what they have learnt.  

PE Kit:

  • Black shorts/leggings/tracksuit  
  • White T-shirt  
  • Trainers  

Children are encouraged to come to school into their PE kit on PE days and are encouraged to remove shoes and socks for dance and gymnastics lessons.

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