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At Stanley Grove Primary Academy, we are all working together to improve attendance.

Regular school attendance is essential if children are to succeed and thrive.  Pupils with the highest attainment at the end of KS2 have higher rates of attendance than those with the lowest attainment. At Stanley Grove we believe that regular school attendance is the key to enabling children make the most of the educational opportunities available to them and become emotionally resilient, confident and competent adults who are able to succeed and make a positive contribution to their community.     

Stanley Grove Primary Academy values all its pupils. We work collaboratively with families to ensure pupils have the support in place to attend school and identify the reasons for poor attendance.  

We also recognise that attendance is a matter for the whole school community.

As a team we aim to:

  • Promote good attendance 
  • Reduce absence, including persistent and severe absence 
  • Ensure every pupil has access to the full-time education to which they are entitled 
  • Promote early identification to address patterns of absence 
  • Promote and support punctuality in attending lessons. 

The table below shows the actions taken at different stages of attendance monitoring.

Good attendance 
0 to 10 days of school missed this year 96 – 100%  Learning is maximised 
Parents are informed of their child’s attendance every half term via email and text. Children rewarded every term if their attendance was over 98% for the previous term Parents congratulated on attendance at parents meetings Parent informed of attendance at end of year report 
Cause for concern  
Between 10 and 20 days of school missed this year 90 – 95%  attendance Poor attendance Progress is limited 


In addition to the above: Attendance reviewed every half term and tailored action plan for each pupil implemented. This may  include: A meeting with parents to complete and attendance commitment agreement An attendance challenge card for pupil A referral to Early Help or other agency Additional support in school for child  Referral to Manchester City Council for Statutory action 
Very poor attendance  
More than 20 days of school missed over 12 months Less than 90% attendance Poor attendance Long term academic progress is impacted 
In addition to the above: Put in place additional targeted support  Where parents have failed to engage hold formal meetings with parents regarding legal interventions Where safeguarding is a concern intensify support through social care. 
Extreme persistent absence 
Attendance less than 50%
In addition to the above : Agree a joint approach with the local authority 

We also promote good punctuality as every minute counts. Having a positive start to the day can not only support learning, it encourages good behaviour and a sense of belonging.

When working with parents/carers to improve their child’s attendance we often talk in terms of days rather than %s as a percentage attendance of 90 may sound high, but it is actually 19 days of learning missed in a year.

Bee Here to Bee Brilliant

Our inclusive approach to promoting good attendance brings all pupils together. As well as badges to recognise individual achievement and class based rewards, the whole school celebrates attendance at our annual Bee Here to Bee Brilliant Day. All children’s attendance contributes to earning aspects of this day, voted for by the pupils. In 2021-22, these included inflatables on the pitch, baking, ice creams, craft activities, sporting fun and much much more.

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