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A Communication Friendly Setting

Why is communication so important?

Speech and language skills are vital for all children. 1 in 4 experience communication difficulties or a delay in their development (Communication Trust 2022).

At Stanley Grove Primary Academy, we prioritise good communication. In our Nursery and Reception, all children are screened using the Wellcomm Language Toolkit so that needs are identified early. Dedicated staff support children through targeted interventions and all staff are trained to support communication development in the Early Years classroom.


Our school was awarded Communication Friendly Setting status via the Elklan award. Although we are no longer an accredited setting, all Key Stages follow the Elklan approach. Staff receive regular training refreshers from our Lead Communication Practitioners.

Speech and Language Therapy

For some children, the support offered through Wellcomm and Elklan interventions are not enough. School work with Speech and Language Therapists (SaLTs) to further advice and to support children when needed. The SaLTs will assess and provide detailed reports, including targets, which can be worked on by school staff.

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