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Music Lead – Hannah Jess

We want the children to learn an appreciation of music, music performance and different styles and variety of music. We also want them to enjoy music and appreciate the benefits it can bring to health and wellbeing. We have chosen to use Kapow to supplement our curriculum to give children as wide and varied experience of music as possible, whilst supporting staff to deliver lessons confidently. We provide children with musical experiences beyond their normal home environment, improving their cultural capital.

Each half term focuses on music from a different continent, allowing the entire school to enjoy, perform and share their music together with a shared sense of purpose. For each unit, one threshold concept is the main focus: perform, transcribe, compose, describe. Children are assessed on how well they are able to meet the milestones within that threshold. The Kapow schemes are used to support our curriculum.

As well as lessons taught by their teacher, we are fortunate at Stanley Grove to have an external specialist teacher who teaches ukulele to Years 3, 5 and 6 and drums to Year 2.

Proud to part of the Bright Futures Education Trust
Stanley Grove Primary Academy
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